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Most new smartphones

tend to look a bit predictable, but the latest launch by Samsung is something of an oddity.

The Galaxy Round, as it has been named, features a 5,7″ AMOLED screen that is distinctly curved. While the exact benefits of a curved screen are not yet clear, it is certainly an engineering achievement worthy of mention.

Producing curved screens is something that is only now becoming possible, and Samsung is at the forefront of this development. It recently showed off some bent large screen television panels as well. We’re also expecting flexible screens in the near future, by the way. Some day, we might actually be able to simply roll up or even fold our phones to make them fit our pockets easier.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Round is very much like the new Note 3, except with the obvious difference of the screen. We haven’t had our hands on a unit yet, but I can imagine that especially for a large phone such as this one, having a curved screen makes it fit the palm of your hand a lot better. Samsung has also put in a few gimmicks that could be useful, like seeing the time and battery status by rolling the phone onto 1 side when it’s lying on your desk.

Either way, these new phones are likely to get quite a bit of attention when they find their way into the hands of consumers in the near future.




09 октября 2013
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