Jaguar have released a short film featuring its F-type sports car

русская версия | english version

It runs about 12 minutes and as far as commercials go,

this one is quite entertaining. Of course, in these 12 minutes they had to show off the car in a glorious HD scenery, put in a car chase and squeeze in a bit of plot as well so the end result is quite fast paced.

There’s nothing better than a car chase to show off a sports car, but it also presents a problem: the bad guys inevitably have to be driving an old dilapidated gangster car which is nowhere near as fast as the F-type. In most car chase movies this is simply a plot hole, but when you are making a film to actually promote the sports car being chased this is not acceptable. The solution in this movie? The baddies simply take a shortcut through the desert, problem solved. So you get the idea, this is a tongue-in-cheek promo film with a British accent and a considerable production budget. It’s very easy on the eyes, also thanks to Damien Lewis who appears to be auditioning for James Bond. Enjoy!




08 мая 2013
Jan Coomans для раздела Механизмы