Idea of the day: ZZ Top coming to Moscow again — Monday 16th of July
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American rock band ZZ Top is about to descend on Moscow. Crocus City Hall will be all about large beards and loud Guitars this monday evening, and if that sounds like your cup of tea, you better run out and get some tickets. I did so last time when there were in Moscow and i will now. Again.


Идея дня: ZZ Top снова приедут в Москву – в понедельник 16 и...

The American trio from Texas have been going at it for 43 years now,

but unlike a few other bands I could mention, they haven't lost any of their magic over the years. In fact, it wouldn't be unfair to say that the older they get the harder they rock.

Lead guitar & vocals Billy Gibbons is considered one of the best guitar players in the world, even though he’s old enough to have been, and in fact was, good friends with the late great Jimmy Hendrix. For this reason, ZZ top’s setlist always includes a Hendrix song like Foxy Lady or Hey Joe. The other band members are Dusty Hill on Bass, and Frank Beard on the drums. Not afraid of a little irony, Frank Beard is the only band member who does not have a gigantic beard.

ZZ Top produce a sound that somehow sounds like more than just 3 guys playing. Their roots lie in blues, and many of their songs are definitely blues-rock — played pretty loud. The 2 guys standing up front with Santa Claus size beards are both 63 years old. But they’ll still rock your socks off with their hits like La Grange, Gimme all your loving and Sharp dressed man.

This is one opportunity to see rock legends in action that you will not want to miss. Not least because they are playing in Crocus City Hall which has excellent acoustics. Your ears will thank you afterwards.




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